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muscle power discovery

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Tom, thanks for posting. As I said on the other forum, GIMME SOME OF THAT!!Although... I'm not sure if it would help with CFS muscle problems... as I have always understood that these problems are due to anaerobic exercise rather than aerobic exercise. But of course with M.E/CFS, it's never as simple as that is it!
Hi Tom, Great article wish it would come true. I'm one of the believers that the problem is not in the muscle itself, but in the brain! Our brain sends info to the muscles that they are working harder than they really are and thus we end up with exercise fatigue. Naturally a good aerobic workout is the hardest to handle! Just thoughts! DeeDee
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Right, DD. I am optomistic that there is something to the idea but it will take years to go from animal experiments to human investigation.tom
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