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Mushy stool wont come out now what? once was IBSC

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After being told by surgeon I have no muscle tone left in bowel, I realize that I was not C at all after following a C regimen since 1996 (see other posts)Mushy stool pushes down around 2 p.m. and wont come out.Any exercises? posted on the Cognitive Terapy board, too. Help, Im desperate!(Sorry about so many posts, but theyre all different)
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Joan:Do you think a Fleet Enema would help? I don't have your problem, but it just seems that is a logical solution.
Joan, What did Surgeon suggest to treat this? Or What has your GI Dr. suggested you try? BQ
see my post on pelvic floor muscle
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Surgeon recommended NOTHING. Sounded like he was disgusted with me (my interpretation) He said, "See your family doctor" on hospital release form. GI guy is re-entering business after 3 years absenceKylie, have responded to your post, too. Can you give me some exercises?Thank you all for your help.
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