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my apology (it's rather long)

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hyacynth and tiss responded very nice even tho i had a bit of an attitude. And I wasn't expecting people to tell me everything that was wrong with me. And by the way, those symptoms I had, were spread out over a period of of 2 weeks. The first week being constant diarrhea, the second week not being able to go at all and it CAN happen. Fodd CAN stay in the stomach for 3 days because it DID happen to me. Why would I lie? I was bruping every 5 seconds and it smelled like sulphur and old milk. I had milk in my stomach. I'm allergic to large consumptions of milk and my body wasn't DIGESTING MY FOOD> So maybe, to the other two who responded so rudely, maybe you can come to terms with the syptoms and instead of telling me i'm lying, or that it doesn't happen, realize that it did and try to give me the best possible response that you can, politely, even if i was a bit agitated that day because my message was the ONLY ONE without responses. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but I was just HOPING that someone on here could help me understand what is going on with my body. I'm sorry you haven't heard of all of these syptoms at once, because they didn't HAPPEN at once. so i'm sorry for wasting my time with ignorant responses, except for the two i mentioned, and next time i have a porblem, i won't even watse my time with this website. I'll just let it eat me alive even if I can't make it off the bed because here at ibs, I get people who think i'm lying. Once again tho, thank you to Tiss and hyacynth because even with my attitude, they still wanted to help me.
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Sure. You really need to see a GI specialist, who hopefully can help you. IBS is so hard to treat for some and doctors tend to get frustrated. That is when they begin treating you like a head case. Try not to settle for this should you encounter it, the fight becomes difficult sometimes. And we all get desperate at times. For a while I said hell if I am crazy fix it so I can have my life back. I said give me shocks-antipsychotics or whatever...then they said well you're not nuts enough for that. It was so frustrating because I had finally let them convince me I was crazy and then they wouldn't treat it. IBS had me down, I finally decided after that maltreatment I was NEVER going to tolerate it again. It did niether myself or the doctor any good. So I finally found a doctor willing to treat the pain I was in. They haven't ever REALLY figured out what is wrong with me as I have other diseases that could be causing my symptoms, but at least I am not in pain day in and day out. Hang tough, don't take ****, don't surrender to whatever it is that is making you sick. And I understand that we all have bad days and say stuff we may not have said in a different state. Good luck and take care!
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