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My cure - Probiotics

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I have suffered with IBS - D for 2 years and have tried everything. I couldn't leave my apartment without at least 8 pepto in my purse. I tried probiotics at the suggestion of another sufferer and it works!!! It took about 2 weeks but I haven't had an episode in over 2 months. There are many different supplements out there -the one i have been taking is called PB 8 ("nutrition now" makes it). Stonyfield yogurt also contains the same bacteria (acidiphilus) so I also eat that for breakfast. It has changed my life. Go to
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Jamie:Same here, my magic potion was/is:AcidophilusAloe vera gel -non laxative-soothing agentRecently added slippery elm to compliment the aloeInitially took 2/3 times the recommended dosage, for the 1st month - cut back to recomended dosage.Also exercise/restricted diet - however, i pay dearly if i do not monitor my food intake.Curious as to how many people have tried the above over and extended period of time!!!!I was combination c/d, sleeplessness, pain on my left side, fatigue bordering on exhaustion, conastant weak sick feeling.Nothing like a little discipline.Bill
quote:Stonyfield yogurt
has helped me with yeast problems. I saw somebody on here recommend it.
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