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My Daughter finally diagnosed

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YEAH! At the same time she no longer needed a pediatrician I got a new insurance that no longer required a referral. Her pediatrician had been treating her "stomach problems" (He never made an attempt to make a real diagnosis) for 4 years with tagamet for pain, and phenergan for nausea and vomitting. I took her to a GI doc, who did a barium drink and small colon follow-thru (upper GI). I called him when we got the "negative" results, and asked him what was next. His response, well, isn't she better since the test? "You stupid man, she has suffered with this for 4 years, what makes you think that making her drink that sick chemical barium and irradiating her was going to make her all better. Of course she is not better. NOW, will you do the upper endoscopy I asked for in the first place?" Well, I really see no reason but I will do it. Today he did it, and had to admit that there was esophogeal inflamation due to gastric reflux disease. Well what do you know.... He prescribed Prilosec, and we will see if that helps. I am just SO frustrated that they made this little girl suffer for so long because it is so rare for young people to suffer like this, and why bother to run the tests. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!Well, now we are changing doctors. Found one that we will try in a small town out of Portland. There are not any in town I trust, and if I am asking one to treat my daughter, I want to be able to trust him/her.Maggie------------------Praying for a cure for this NASTY IBS!
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Congratulations Doctor! It seems the more we know, the better we are able to deal with the so-called professionals who seem to always be looking for the "easy out'. I hope your daughter continues her improvement and never has to suffer with that annoying condition again. By the way, thanks for answering my posting! Best of Luck. Haze
How frustrating for you
, and your daughter, but I'm glad there's at least been a bit of a breakthrough.------------------Cultivate gratitude. Believe in possibilities.
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Maggiew, sorry to hear you had to go through this and that your daughter had to go through it as well. I have been there myself. I might be able to refer you to some good doctors in Portland if you email me.
maggie - How old is your daughter? Sorry that she's having to go through this. How very frustrating for you and for her! I hope you soon find a doctor that you are happy with. Definitely you need to feel that you are in good hands - makes such a difference.
She is 18. I guess a lot of the problem is that she describes her symptoms as "I feel like I am going to throw up." Not very descriptive. It was actually reading about GERD here, and looking it up out of curiosity that I put two and two together. SHe is high strung, and I had actually swallowed the "it is just stress" the doc threw at me, until I read about GERD. The kid says she feels like her stomach contents are climbing up to her stomach, and she is going to throw up. SHe also has suffered with chronic bronchitis for these 4 years. (Stomach acid finding its way to her lungs when she lays down???) When I read up on it, I started on a crusade to find out if this was what is wrong with her. GADS, but I am SO pissed about this. I am disgusted with the doctors these days who MAKE us diagnose ourselves, then get pissed when we demand the tests to be sure. Why can't they just do their jobs?Sorry guys, just venting here. Righteous indignation kicking in!Maggie------------------Praying for a cure for this NASTY IBS!
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Hi Maggie:You have a right to your "righteous indignition"! Especially when it comes to your daughter. It's a good thing you stuck to your guns and did all the research.
I know what you mean about your daughter communicating what she has. Mine is 20-1/2 and I have to ask at least 5 questions to get one answer when she's sick. It's like you have to be a private detective in your own home!But I'm glad things are looking up for her. Good work, Mom!JeanG------------------Member of "The Advance Guard for the Ozone Rangers".May the "farce" be with you. JeanG
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I am so sorry to hear about your daughters problem. What�s wrong with doctors!? This seems to be a universal problem (I live in Sweden); my problems started when I was a child and the feedback from doctors was not good at all. They did X-rays of my bowels and that was it, they didnt bother to do anything more. I suppose this was very frustrating for my parents, the doctors wouldnt listen. They saw how awful I felt. When I was in my twenties (and I had seen many different specialist) I was diagnosed with GERD. I had then been seeing a doctor who said I had asthma or maybe an infection! She couldn�t help me and later I had to see a another specialist and he found out it was GERD not asthma (the symptoms can be similar).I started to eating Losec and my problems went away for the first time in months. My point is that no one should be tossing around between God knows how many doctors for several years. Why is so hard to find a doctor with empathy? And how much strenght must a patient have to fight for their rights? I really hope you find a doctor with both knowledge and empathy! //mio
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