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I too have to deal with taking exams. I take Immodium before I sit through any test though. That is a good idea to let your professor know about your problem. I haven't said a word to any of mine, but if the problem arises, I will not hesitate to head to the bathroom. No matter what the teacher says(You must stay in your seat until the end of the test), don't let that make you have a panic attack.No one can control you from reaching a bathroom. Just because the professor give you a grade, doesn't mean he is the ultimate power. I garuntee, if you leave the room and run to the bathroom you will have a GREAT excuse for him. And if he asks you, tell him the truth why you left. If he decides to still give you a 0, contact the dean or a lawyer(either one will put the proffesor in his place)as a reference 'we don't force people in wheelchairs to climb up stairs or give them a failing grade'......same as IBS, they can't force you to "STAY IN YOUR SEAT" if you physically cannot.
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