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*heavy sigh* Reading your post brought back so many horrific memories for me -- because honestly, what you just described was a true panic attack, and one that we IBS sufferers know all too well about. It can only be explained as probably one of THE worst feelings in the world. Hands down. And to have one strike during an exam that will determine a grade -- my God. I feel so badly for you. I can only pray that you were able to at least finish the exam with some level of confidence. It's not fair that because of a health problem, your grades suffer. Could you maybe talk to your professor/teacher (or if you're too embarrassed to talk, maybe a note or an e-mail) about your need to use the restroom, even during exams? You don't have to go into detail; just something along the lines of "I have a debilitating health problem that might cause me to excuse myself from class without warning to use the restroom. I want to let you know about this because I don't want you to think I'm disrespecting you or ignoring classroom policy during your class time." Knowing that your professor will be sympathetic to your needs is a HUGE step in getting over the anxiety barrier of the classroom. Trust me: I know it -- I live it everyday. If you need any additional support or advice, feel free to e-mail me. God bless you; and keep the faith. :love:
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