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dont worry.. youre definitely NOT the only one.. i get anxiety attacks too.. er.. i used to.. i went to the doctor after dealing with my ibs-d for 8 months.. immodium wasnt cutting it for me.. and my doctor prescribed medicine that works pretty well.. as ive read in some of the other forums on here.. some of the ibs folks take medicine for their ibs AS WELL as the anxiety.. but im guessing thats only if its real bad.. but i used to get them real bad.. whether it was going to the movies, school, a friends house, or a long trip on the road.. i would freak myself out and almost trigger my D.. my palms would get sweaty and my heartbeat would speed up.. sometimes i felt like i was short of breath too.. so yeah.. it happens to most of us.. but if its really a problem.. i suggest going to the doctor for perscription medicine for your ibs.. or anxiety medicine.. good luck
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