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Hey!I get those all the time during exams and on the bus especially. Luckily here at UWO you can't leave for the first half an hour...which makes me panic...but after that they let you go to the washroom...but you have to go w/ supervision...honestly tho..I don't care if someone has to go w/ long as I get to go!I can totally sympathize w/ you tho. I hate to leave exams because I could be gone for as much as an hour. I tend to sit there in a total cold sweat, moaning quietly to myself while I try to write the exam. Once I got so pale a proctor asked me if I was alright...
Most of the time I can make it but there are always those rare few...Anyways, don't sweat about your other exams. The only thing that I can tell you is maybe to get a doctor's note that would let you leave during the exam, and take some Immodium before you go.Good luck!Hugz,Kestrel
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