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Lifelong IBS-C with painful bloating that lasts for 3-4 days and pain after every meal. This condition has been with me since I can remember. Now in my early 40s. This is how I deal with it:

My diet: Ketogenic + as much protein as diet allows + sauerkraut probiotic, grain-free (therefore gluten-free)
My supplements: Omega-3, aspirin (for resolvin effect, not analgesia), DHEA (I use 50mg per day, ymmv), Solovites multivitamin (not too high, not too low dose), tons of Vitamin E especially during PMS time (1-2K IU every day), Taurine ( 3g/day), GABA (500mg/day, I also take baclofen and the combo works best for me - note that for my constipation, baclofen seems to relieve the motility problem, it doesn't slow me down, I have some kind of "gripping" going on that is released by a muscle relaxer.), additional P5P (a B vitamin).
Non-OTC: previously: Zelnorm. I'm waiting for another 5-HT4 agonist to come out. Other drugs did not help me. Linzess and Amitiza were unhelpful, Miralax only works if I take it over a week, but then it finally works well, provided I maintain my diet. Only Zelnorm made me feel normal and unafraid of grains, fruits, veggies.
Tests/Medical: colonoscopy, barium swallow, dual-antibiotic therapy for H. pylorii which helped a lot.
Things my docs have said that ring true after all this time:

* carbs cause gas (I've had a job figuring out which carbs but I didn't pay attention at first)

* fasting is good for you (after I admitted I had been doing it)

* B6 will help you as will taking anti-inflammatories for a week before your period (I was 26 and didn't listen!)

* It's dangerous for you to stop your oral anti-inflammatory, but you can take a safer one that's not OTC

Update: 7/28/2014, I've made some changes to this list to reflect what I do now. The SCD or FODMAP considerations no longer apply to me since Ketogenic covers all of that and more. Also the grain-free fixes a lot of stuff in SCD, and I've found a better way to deal with FODMAPS -- sauerkraut. Actually any fermented vegetable or fruit matter will do. What works for me is to repopulate with the germs that normally eat and break down vegetable and fruit and other carbohydrate type matter. I don't think it's the same thing to eat yogurt because those are used to eating milk matter. I hesitate to call my diet GAPS though, because all I did was buy sauerkraut at Whole Foods and try it and it worked. Also GAPS isn't ketogenic.

Why ketosis?
Because it reduces pain. This might not be an option for people who can't digest a lot of fat. But I think for me, I never had a problem with that. People fall all over the spectrum on this. Most people have no problems, some have a problem for a couple of days (with diarrhea, although with constipation, that might be a good thing, and then others can never really get used to a very high fat diet. So I can only say that it works for me and if you experiment with it I hope it works out.

It does have excellent benefits for calming nerve pain. There is an author, Maria Emmerich that writes user-friendly books on the subject. If you'prefer the more sciencey explanations, the earlier authors are Volek and Phinney. Even earlier uses of the diet are for kids with epilepsy and the author who explains that best (including the health dangers, which no other authors discuss properly I think), is Kossoff. Please note that there are health dangers. I lost about 20% of my hair because I wasn't careful enough to eat enough protein when I started the diet. I was thinking, ok, why am I losing my hair??!! I had to read Kossoff to know that kids can experience stunted growth without adequate protein and the adult version of that is hair loss, or hair just stops growing. Please educate yourself before you begin this diet. It's not going to kill you, but it's not completely harmless either.

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