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Hi all,Been months since I posted.I am (or was) IBS-A ... i.e some Constipation followed by D.I got a coloscopy and X-ray this summer, and they didnt found any other symptoms than IBS.The tests wasnt soo scary I think, actually I felt a great relief in taken the stuff to empty the colon for coloscopy - Thats was actually real nice to feel clean inside.Anyway, I found some "medication" that helps ME a great deal. (Found it all by myself ...)Pill 1
"Rasayasan" from Bioforce - actually I've been looking in the net for a link, but only Danish pages shows up, so probably have another name.International link is: The pills makes your colon to continue to work, so nothing gets stuck in there - 3 pills before bedtime.Pill 2
"Trifalla" this is a similar pill, that you also can take before sleep of before breakfast (what I do) Rasayasan content is:Cichurium intybusRhamnus FrangulaCnicus benedictusFumaria officinalisAloe VeraTrifalla content is:Terminalia ChebulaTerminalia belericaEmblica officinalis.. about 3 months with pratically no IBS symptomsFor IBS-C and IBS-A I belive this is worth a try.
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