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My Mountain is Open :)!!!!!!

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Just wanted to pass the good news that forested recreation and public areas around me here in Western Montana have opened back up to the public. This does not include the Bitterroots though, still alot of burning going on there. I took the dogs for a walk today up Blue Mountain, our usual place, and it was GREAT for them and me!! I took it real slow and easy and didn't walk long, we are all out of shape! I am hoping this is going to help the pain in my lower back, hips and legs (especially right one). I really was missing "My" mountain!!! DeeDee
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Oh DeeDee...Fantastic news! I'm so happy for you. Does this mean that your immediate vicinity is out of danger of the fires now?Has it gotten colder there? I read where you'd had some rain.That is so great. Just to be able to get back outside again. I can't go outside much here either. Doesn't take long at 110� to become a "crispy critter."calida
hi DD, your post made me think about eric,i think you ask about him on a reply. erics my son,hes been out on a fire crew,hes home now for two days,at a party right now.he says he loves it,real tough though,he wants to get on permanent. when he goes back,he says there going national.not so worried take care,have fun.denny.
Great news DD. I've been concerned, as many have about your part of the country. Calida, sounds like you've been burning up where you are too. Hope your part of the country gets relief soon. Squrts, so glad your son is home safe now, and that he has perhaps found his niche in life. Sounds like it gave him a purpose, which might have been what he was looking for and didn't know it!Blessings to all of you.M.
We have had some rain, and night before last there was a skiff of snow above 6000 ft. Lolo Peak, visible from my front window, got the snow. This is what the fires need to be put out. Still alot burning, but getting more and more under control. A friend and I drove south the other day to get a look at the devastation. It was AMAZING!! Made me appreciate, even more, the efforts of the firefighters. There were homes that had burns all the way around them, within feet! And they had been saved! Squrts, you should be very proud of your son. :) Calida, I hope you get some relief from the heat! That is always tough to take. Thanks Moldie :) The people involved in losing their homes, and/or land have a long time to wait for recovery. With the land being unstable now, they can't immediately rebuild. So, for many they have a chunk of useless land and nowhere to go. Very sad. Anyway, the future may be brighter. I for one, am enjoying the outdoors again. Have had another walk. I am in the darned if I do, darned if I don't stage. A lot of pain, so I don't want to move, but I get worse if I don't move!! You all know how that is!!!
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