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Does reverse osmosis water have a major effect on anybody else here? I have tried cutting it out and drinking my well water and there has been no noticeable change in the short term. However, when I recently went to visit my in laws out of state I have noticed that my bowel movements became regular again.

During that trip, I was drinking well water from their well instead of RO water. Another possibility, I noticed I did a lot less snacking during the visit due to not feeling comfortable raiding someone else's kitchen at all hours of the night.

Finishing my eating earlier in the day has not fixed the problem here in my own state, nor has switching to my own well water. Another factor is that I do have worse IBS in the summer, when I am working outside a whole lot more and drinking a lot of water. Which is always Aquafina which is also RO water.

So I am wondering, how long do I have to attempt something before I know whether it would work or not? Also, has anyone stopped RO water and had IBS go away?
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