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My recovery from IBS

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I spent years suffering from the following IBS symptoms: chronic bloating, sudden waves of extreme abdominal pain (often accompanied by symptoms of mild shock such as dizziness, loss of feeling in extremities and loss of peripheral vision), and ~30 minute bouts of severe diarrhea (which were contemporaneous with the abdominal pain). I finally discovered that these problems were largely attributable to my ingesting any part of the cilantro plant: the leaves (cilantro, Chinese parsley), the seeds (coriander), or the root. According to one of my cookbooks, cilantro/coriander is the most commonly used spice in the world featuring prominently in Thai, Indian, Mexican and Indonesian cuisines. By eliminating it from my diet, I have remained well for 1.5 years and counting. I have no idea how common this “allergy” to the cilantro plant is – it may or may not have a similar effect on others. However, if this post helps even one other person overcome IBS, I’ll be very pleased.-W
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Gasplant thinks you may have some good advice there W ; however, there's a problem: if we take your advice and all become "well" then we won't be able to feel sorry for ourselves and have nothing to talk about, the forum will become obsolete. Then what? We'll have to work 40 hour weeks and carry on like those normal types with all their silly high energy lifestyles...........who's up for a bowl of cilantro?!!!
Ok what are u talking about "gasplant" ? I work full time and have to do things like other people w/ IBS. It sucks but I have to do it in order to survive.
Gasplant also works full weeks and tries to play the social butterflyduck: Gasplant does not speak in literal terms, lighten up, watch the simpsons while in your bathtub playing with yer rubber duckycheers
Please kindly follow the posting guidelines and show respect to fellow posters' opinions including refraining from the use of sarcasm.Thank you.
I've known other people who have one particular ingredient that really sets them off, and avoiding that one thing can really make a huge difference in their level of symptoms.It would be nice if it were this simple for everyone, but it is something people should investigate for themselves, particularly if they have symptoms periodically rather than every meal. It could be an herb or a food additive like a coloring that is setting them off.K.
Thank you W for sharing your experience.I think that this would be classified as a food allergy or intolerance, not true IBS, which can manifest itself with IBS-type symptoms. Many people, like myself still have/had IBS symptoms even after eliminating lots of food groups.
Marilyn,IBS is a “syndrome” not a “disease,” and syndromes are “groups of signs and symptoms that occur together and characterize a particular abnormality” (source: MedlinePlus medical dictionary). So having IBS symptoms is having IBS. However, I take your point that similar sets of symptoms do not always imply a similar cause. In fact, I suspect that IBS does not have a single cause, which makes it challenging to treat.-WP.S. Thanks for the welcome Joolie!
The following link is to a BBC article on IBS discussing new findings out of St. George’s Hospital, London. hope it’s helpful.-W
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