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Hello, reading all these stories on this website has really made me feel better about my condition and making me realise that I'm not alone having to endure these horrible symptoms.

I started getting horrible gas and an almost pressure feeling in my rectum during a particularly heavy period back at the end of January. After this period, I didn't have another one until April. It may have been to do with alcohol consumption though, I don't know. A few days before I had the period, I had had sexual intercourse. I remember the experience being particularly painful and the man who it was with was particularly rough and inexperienced. (We did NOT have anal sex by the way, only vaginal). I remember for the next few days my vaginal and the bit in between the vagina and anus hurting quite a lot.

The symptoms, unpleasant as they were, were bearable but people started noticing that I smelt "funny" most of the time. It was more noticeable when I was sat down in a crowded room. People were convinced that someone had been farting constantly or that it smelt like someone had defecated themselves. I'd go to the cinema often and I started noticing people spraying various deodorants and perfumes in an attempt to rid the smell. Sometimes, I could smell the smell myself (it was like the smell of stool or a really bad fart) but most of the time I couldn't as I assume my nose got accustomed to it. Worrying about smelling made the pressure in my rectum far worse.

In late February, I got tonsillitis which made the wind a billion times worse. It was horrendous. I did not want to leave the house at all. I was then put on antibiotics for the tonsillitis and the symptoms I was experiencing back in January were starting to fade. I went to the cinema and no one sprayed any deodorant on the sly. But being the idiot I am, I forgot to finish the course of the medication as I felt better.

Around the same time I was drinking quite a lot of alcohol as my friends are a sociable bunch and I am a student at university. I started noticing that my stomach was constantly aching (in a gnawing kind of way) and I could never work out if I was hungry or feeling sick. Although I was having a bit of trouble passing stool since January, it wasn't as bad as it got at this point. It was horrible. I could be on the toilet for hours and nothing would come out and when I did pass stool there wouldn't be much and it'd be a very dark green colour and hard. This persisted for a month, the stool I was passing gradually turned to a black colour and I started losing weight because it was too painful to eat big quantities and I want to avoid the sudden cramping and rectum pressure straight after eating. I was also noticing that if I had a portion of food which was a bit bigger than say half a sandwich then some of the meal would come back up into my mouth. I also started noticing that I was constantly tired, I remember one week I slept 14 hours a night with the exception of Tuesday where I slept for 17 hours. I also noticed an excess bit of skin on the side of the anus that's nearer to the vagina and a dent the was to the left of my bum crack (sorry for the vulgarity, don't know how else to word it).

After this week I thought that this is in no way or form normal so I went to see my GP. As nice as he was, I felt like he was rushing me and I couldn't explain all my symptoms and the ones I did explain, not well enough. I was quite ignorant to digestive disorders. I explained that my stomach hurt quite a bit and it was a constant achy pain. I also said that I had excessive flatulence and I was tired alot of the time. He took great interest in my alcohol consumption and ended up diagnosing me with acid re flux and put me on Omeprozale. Within the first week of taking it, I experienced severe cramps and I got really bad diarrhea. The cramps were so painful my family told me I needed to go immediately back to see a different GP. She didn't seem so keen to rush me off as the other one did and gave me the time to explain a lot more of the symptoms. It wasn't until I received the Omeprazole medication that I realised that black stool was in nowhere normal and potentially life threatening so I mentioned this to her along with that I had lost half a stone in the past month with no theory as to behind how I had done so and she made me have a stool test. I also explained to her how I felt I couldn't completely empty my bowels and she did an exam on my anus and couldn't find anything inside blocking it etc. She then said that I was going to have to have liver and kidney tests just to make sure the alcohol hadn't done any damage to my body and she then put me on Lansoprozale (a stronger version). Within the first 10 days of taking it, my stomach started feeling a lot better. The cramping and pressure in my rectum straight after eating had died down to a tolerable level and I could have the occasional beer or cider without feeling like I was going to explode from excessive gas. I received all the tests back and they all came back saying there was nothing wrong with me. (My stool stopped being black in early April).

I was feeling significantly better but still very constipated. It was getting towards the end of term so naturally I drank quite a lot and whilst I was on the Lanso it was fine. I felt abit rough the next morning but it was just like my equivalent to a hangover but with my bowels rather than my head. When I had finished the course of medication I was still drinking and it started making me progressively worse. One night I recall, which was our end of year dance, it was significantly bad. I drank every form of alcohol you could imagine. Beer, cider, wine, alcopops, rum, sambucca etc. It got to 3 in the morning and I could feel myself being really bloated and I couldn't stop passing wind! I didn't notice I was doing it though! I then went home and had severe diarrhea. It was horrendous! Since that night in late May, my symptoms have regressed back to how they were when I had tonsillitis (but without the gnawing stomach). I could easily be on the toilet the whole morning trying to pass stool. I found it easier in doing so if I leant forward and to the left. Whenever there was an urgency to go but I couldn't I'd start getting sharp pains in my left side near my ovaries. It got to the point where I started stinking out the house I was living in with my wind and just general odor so I went back to the doctors again. The GP said I was more than likely to have IBS-C but she just wants to be certain by putting me on a different medication every so often. At the moment she's put me on a prescription of Molaxole where I have to have two sachets a day for a month. As long as I don't consume alcohol or excessive amounts of chocolate and I have something like coffee in the morning to jump start my system, I'm fine throughout the whole day most days. When I go to bed however, it's a different story. As soon as I lie down to go to sleep, my excessive flatulence starts up and the rectal pressure. When I wake up in the morning, my room stinks of wind and I experience excessive pressure in my rectum and have to dash towards the bathroom. I've been on this medication for two weeks now and it has definitely been effective but I'm still having nighttime problems which I'll have to address to my GP the next time I see her.

As you can imagine, the last few months have made me feel quite down and anxious and I'm starting to withdraw from doing things with my friends in the fear that I smell constantly and that I may need to go to the bathroom at an inconvenient moment.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help in the mean time with this condition? or does anyone have similar experiences? I'm interested to know :)

Thanks for your time and reading this.
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