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I just joined the forum today and wanted to tell my story!

I am 53 years and have been suffering from IBS since i was 25.

I was working at the airport as ground staff with lots of shift work and erratic eating habits as i

had just met my husband to be, when my symptoms began. I had to permanently wear my work uniform unbuttoned

because my stomach looked as if i was 6 months pregnant!

Symptoms included Diaorhhea, bloating wind and severe pain, all embarassing considering i was in a new relathionship.

My local doctor didn't help by telling me to take lots of bran, which i did for 2 years, 2 years of hell!

This of course is one of the worst things you can do, it really irritates the lining of the intestine further.

My very sympathetic boyfriend paid for me to visit a Harley Street professional who subscribed an Enema.

Great for a good clearout but didnt really help beyond that!

During this time i had severe pain and the symptoms described above, which apart from being embarassing

prevented me from many social engagements, and if that wasnt enough i gained weight - and no matter what

i couldnt shift the extra weight!

I tried homepathic medicine, including lots of other wacky so - called treatments, including a Dowser.

They attach pills to your wrists and you can't go near anything electrical. Well suprise suprise that didn't work either!

I tried unsuccessfully to lose the weight but couldnt move the stubborn extra weight until i read about Candida.

Candida is a parasite which we all have in the gut and when its a small amount it does us no harm at all, however when we have an overgrowth this can lead to all sorts of problems. I will tell you in my next Blog how i've been trying to tackle this with great results so far....

To your good health,

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