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So Im new here. The first time i really noticed I had IBS was in 1990. I was working at a dry cleaners. I got this wierd brain fog and felt dizzy. Almost like I had a few beers but i knew something didnt feel right. Like most of you, my initial reaction was fear. It was also accompanied by wierd cramps in the neck, chest and sides. Then i had to go. So i ran to the bathroom and shit out what looked like sand into the toilet. ...and my symtpoms went completely away. I have been dealing with it ever since.

Best thing i can tell you is the onset happens after a meal. Almost every...single....time. Its embarrassing,. Chinese food or thai will really set it off. I have stopped smoking, which pretty much gauaranteed i was going to have a problem. After several trips to the doctor hospital etc..(I had to go the hospital once because I was so backed up I thought I have having a heart attack. ) The natural peristalsis that occurs had been distrupted. I have been one other time.

The advice I have for all of you whether you have to explode with coffee coming out of your butt every time you eat or whether you get backed up like a 20 mile traffic jam in the snow is to make sure things are moving along.

Here are some tips:

1. Avoid tabacco

2. Drink in moderation and I mean seriously

3. Consume some type of insoluble fiber every day. If you eat a lot of carbs, you are going to have more problems.

4. Caffeine will set it off. Just so you know,

5. Metamucil is great to regulate your problems but your worst enemy if you get a huge bout of diarhhea.

6. I take a sublingual tablet called Levbid, generic: Hyoscamine. Works great. You dont need to take it every day and there are no side effects.

7. Drink WATER!

8. If you fart a lot, let them go. I get these weird gurlging sounds in my abdomen after lunch. Ive been in public places and found myself in an embarrasing predicament. Go to the bathroom and let out as much gas as you can. Let out whatever is in there. You knw the Austin Powers movie where Dr. Evil says, #2 Who do you work for?" Thats what you have to do.


Cleveland, OH
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