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Greetings all -- I've just discovered this site and am very grateful for it. I'm a 33-year-old male and had IBS (the "D" type) for four years and going strong. Just like everyone else, my life was transformed into a living hell. I've tried many medications and other methods. I've been dairy free for most of the time, which helps a bit and even tried going wheat free (very hard to do -- but didn't help. I too was taking Lotronex and it helped tremendously (but we all know what happened with that). My doctor put me back on Levsin but it doesn't help a whole lot and makes me pretty tired out. I have had some relief from taking Fibercon tablets, but the only true relieve aside from Lotronex is taking Immodium AD during an attack. Besides giving you my story I actually have two questions:1. Has any one ever tried acupuncture?2. The IBSgroup drug lists has something called NSF-IB -- anyone know what's up with this product?

Hi there;Just wanted to say welcome to the board! My answer to your ?'s is 1 no, 2 don't know what that is either.Sorry about that, but I'm sure you will get some answers, so keep checking back!debbie
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