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My symptoms are so much improved.

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Hi Friends
This is almost a week on Probiotics and I have been feeling much improved. Gas problem is almost non-existent, and I was having a big problem. My gnawing tummy aches are also greatly improved. Multiple bowel movements and urgency has almost stopped. I feel much more normal and able to do things. I may even try going back to ballet dancing. I attend college and this probiotics has helped me deal. I hope this continues. I just think that all of us who have IBS, dump antacids, anti-diarrheals, anti-gas pills and who knows whatever in our gut, just trying to get some relief, but with this probiotics one is actually putting in good bacteria, and I firmly believe the good bacteria is having a healing effect on my tummy. I have other posts on this, but I just wanted to share with all my IBS buddies. Any buddies in Southern California ? I also am a Christian, so prayer is also one of my foremost aids in this process. take care :love:
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Which probiotics have you had success with? Glad you are feeling better.Stacey
Hi I am taking ones just called Probiotics and I bought them last week at Trader Joe's. I truly believe these are working. I wish I could find a book on probiotics....if you find one let me know..and good luck if you try the Probiotics, let me know how they work for you. I was so desperate a week ago, I just bought them and almost in a day I felt better. Jennifer
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How many times a day do you take the probiotics? Also, are you talking about the Trader Joe's grocery stores?
Hi Charbeaner Yes, I am talking about Trader Joe's markets...I was shopping in there last week,and was suffering from D, but I had to go out and get some type of food, and I had read on the net about probiotics, and when I saw the bottle there, I just felt, why not ? And I can honestly say, by the morning I was feeling better, and it has been so helpful. I take only one a day with my evening meal, and I can actually have a good night's sleep without having to be all tense thinking that I am going to have a bowel accident or that I have all this bloating and gas. Tonight I am going to try and eat pizza, let's see how I feel tomorrow.
What kinds of probiotics contain your capsules? lactofilus? bifidus?
Jenni, Hi, this is the first I've heard aboutprobiotics. Is this similar to achidiphilis (thegood bacteria found in yogurt)? I have terribleIBS-D, sounds like you have the same problem. Ifthis works for you I am going to go to 'TraderJoes' tommorow and buy some myself. I am currentlytaking an antispasm drug twice a day and calcium, which seem to be working ok. However, even withthis I can't eat dairy, fried foods, etc. Iate a broiled chicken sandwich from Burger Kingyesterday and even with the meds I had D. I dreamabout eating pizza or mexican food again one day,but had given up hope. How did you do with thepizza? If this works for you I am going to tryit, I would love to get off of the antispasm andcalcium and just do this. Please let me know howthis is working for you, thanks!!
Hi:I'm on my third day of protiotics and they seem to be helping. I also take Linda's calcium regime and I actually feel I have my life back (crossing all fingers and toes). Went out to lunch with a colleague yesterday and actually had a cheeseburger with fries (brave or what!!) and even tho I did have to hit the loo after we got back, it was not the urgency type. I was in heaven eating that. I am still nervous, and if out downtown or something would beef it up with an Imodium.If you see in other posts I wrote about a sour taste in my mouth that went on for a couple of weeks, upon taking the probiotics, was gone the next day. I am happy not to be taking drugs for this problem, which only came on for me right around Memorial Day of this year.How much do your probiotics cost? Mine are about $15 for 30 days supply.
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Charbeaner That sounds great, the probiotics have been working on me and I have been feeling great. Please be careful with the food. I had pizza the other night and it somewhat sent my tummy into a problem. I guess just too much tomato sauce and cheese. It wasn't unbearable, but there was a discomfort. My probiotics are about 6.99 for a 30-day supply. I hope other probiotic users let us know how they are doing.
Hi Jenni:I went to Trader Joe's today and picked up their brand of probiotic's which was much less money than the $35.00 I was paying for a 3 month supply. I did notice one thing, tho--listed in the "other ingredients is Magnesium Stearate and magnesium is supposed to cause "D". The other brand I had previously has no magnesium in it. I'm not sure if the above magnesium type would be a problem. Are you still doing well? Maybe you or someone out there will know about the magnesium stearate. The probiotics sure helped me, tho.I had a piece of pizza tonight and where I did not get "D", when I got home (about 2 hours later) I did have to go right to the bathroom.I guess I will still take an Imodium if I am going "out-out" for safety's sake. Thanx to all of you!!!
How much is the probiotics from TJ's? We have one in our town too. I love their couscous salad and their precooked chicken for salads.
Hey Jenni, I soo glad to hear you live in Ca. I'm going back in 3 weeks, cause I'm in Florida now. The reason I'm in Florida is because of IBS!!!Wow I hope you write back please..I'm also a Christain too and I went to a great church called Oasis on Wilshire. Anyway, I've tried Probotics and didn't really work . But my doc in Fl put me on paxil last October and I have been off of it for 2 1/2 weeks now. I hve to admit it changed my life. I never felt sooo healthy since I've hade Ibs. But, I wanted to get off because I never wanted to be on a drug that effected my brain, ya know. My ibs is back alittle, but not like it use to be. well that's enough for now. I'm glad your doing well.
Hi Actressch23 I am also on Prozac, and the combination with the Probiotics and prozac along with Bentyl for th spasms has been working. I ate pizza the other night, and then the next night I had some apricots.....well,,,,,,,,,it started a flare-up, So now I know I have to scratch that off my food list. Glad that you are a Christian, I go to Calvary Christian in Arcadia, but would like to try the one you attend. Where is it? Is it mainstream Christian bible based ? Do you ever go to the Grove by Farmer's Market. it is so cool there, and fun. How long have you had IBS.? I have had it for about 3 years now, and it all started because of major stress, I lost my Dad and brother. And going to college has proved stressful, but I graduate next year. I attend Mount St.Mary's College in Los Angeles, it's a all-women's college. It's small but great, it is over in Brentwood. Write back.
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hey everyone. i have had IBS for almost 2 years and have only noticed little improvement. i do consider probiotics necessary though. i take the one called jarro dophilus. it has 6 species and costs 18$ for 180 capsules(you are supposed to take 1-3 a day). it isnt as though they healed me, but i do notice the difference between not taking them and taking them. i have also tried primal defense(which was supposedly a garaunteed cure for ibs) which made me worse. i would recommend the ones im taking now to anyone with ibs.
woohooo, my mom picked me up some probiotics from trader joe's today and i was on here looking for people's reactions to them. i was about to chuck them when i saw in one person's post that they had to be refrigerated, but now i'll try them. i sure hope this works...
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