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My symptoms have become more constant and more pianful

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Hi, I just found this forum while on a search for IBS soothing foods, etc.

I read through some of your postings and see so much of me in them. I am worse on some, better on others, but for the most part I share a lot of what everyone here has.

(I am also age 60, premenopausal and a tad low thyroid)

IBS in the last few years since getting over yeast infection from tip of my tongue to my bum hole, has acted up more often than in the years before. It has in the last 3 months become more of a constant.

To describe my IBS at this time.......

1. Overall tender-sore gut, all of right side radiating from under liver area down to appendices, then at times across the top, the whole of the large colon,

then starts again down in the lower left corner, then in the exit point, sometimes feeling as if a hard fist is pushing down.

2. My bowels are of a normal to soft consistency, very rarely is it a constipation. I move at least once and then some everyday, some days I have a few

with some mucus in the last two days and a tad of bleeding (fresh red) when I whip.

3. I am also noticing more heartburn and bloat, sometimes but not the major part of this, I do get a wave of nausea on occasion with this latest bout.

4. And in the last couple of nights, I have actually dreamed all night long it seemed. At least it wasn't a nightmare, LOL!

5. I am experiencing a few more migraines than the norm.

I have been going through a lot of change with my body in the last few years becoming more prominent in the last few months with some bad health issues just diagnosed for my hubby. I also have a large debt coming due in 7 days now and our 6mo's. auto insurance coming due at the same time. Am low income and some what disable, this is putting me at a disadvantage of getting things taken care of so hence the added worry.

I just wondered if anyone here has been where I am and what did you do to soothe down your bowels.

I also wanted to ask if any of you have issue with such foods as strawberries, blueberries, etc. The small berry seeds, do they cause flair ups for you?

And do you get upper GI issues when you eat tomatoes, onions and garlic?

I also have noticed (at least a few months back) that when I eat whole wheat bread, homemade that my bowels move so smoothly and perfect consistency.

Now I am wondering if the grain products are hurting me, as well as diary.

I am so glad I found this place, maybe I can get this under control again and keep it that way.
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