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My up coming Ileostomy surgery

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Well, I talked to a surgeon, seemed like a real cocky fellow. said there was 2 types of Ileostomys one with the bag on the outside. And the more desriable one with a pouch formed on the inside.Said he would only do the bag on the outside one for me. As my marker test showed the markers had all passed through my colon. And it would be unethical for him to remove my colon to hook up the small entestine on the inside.I told him the doctor that gave me the test allowed me to take 8 doses of miralax everday with it. And that the markers wouldn't have moved at all, if Hadn't taken the laxative. He allowed me the laxative as I can't urinate without keeping the stool moving.Unfortunatly I have had to cut way down on the laxatives as I can't breath because of them drying me out. Which in turn makes it very hard if not impossible to have much stool. Am taking only 3 doses of mirilax. Took an enema to day and some castor oil, as I just couldn't help myself. Was feeling all backed up and couldn't urinate very well because of the backed up stool.It will be a month before the surgeon can even operate. I wanted him to admit me to the hospital for emergency surgery. But he said he wouldn't even accept that I wanted the surgery, unless I took a day to think it over. Said I shouldn't go for it out of desperation.
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the surgeon said it might make a difference that I was taking mirilax with the marker test. But that seemed to have gotten lost in our conversation. As he seemed dead set against doing any other type of surgery for me except the bag on the outside.He said you may want me to do it the other way, but I'm not going to do it.He told also there was a lot of problems that can come along with the surgery. The ostomy can be hard to take care of, make noises, smell, even flip around on itself and need immediate medical attention. You also can get dehydrated very easly. Which is the problem I have now, and why I can't breathe taking bigger doses of laxatives.You have to watch the skin around the opening area, and you can get bad reactions to the adheasive material used to keep the opening closed over.Sounds like an intense nightmare, but I'm already in an intense nightmare with what I've got.
The thing with the pouch if it doesn't help, or is worse than you are now, it can be reversed. Once the colon is gone you are stuck and the more things you remove and the more damage they do in there getting it out the more you are likely to get adhesions and scars that can cause problems.If you think you have any pelvic floor issues the internal pouch is not an option. It doesn't fix any outlet problems.
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