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Anybody remember that I was so scared to on vacation to Daytona Beach for fear I was going to have bowel probelms the whole time there. I DIDNT HAVE A SINGLE EPISODE !! I think the no stress on a vacation was the difference. We got up and walked the beaches every morning with the kids looking for shells. Oh, by the way, Daytona Beach sucks for shells. After 7 days in Florida we flew from Orlando to Minneapolis, then flew to Kansas City, Mo., then drive 230 miles to Boone, Iowa (home).On that day, my last BM was in Orlando Airport. I thought "OH NO", but it all worked out. It was along day.I just wanted to tell everyone that wished me well on the vacation that i did fine. I did my deep breathing excersices on the beach, and drank alot of beer. People thought i was nuts. I dont care. I felt good and everything worked out fine.Thankyou all for your thoughts and idea's to get through this. No more beer left in Florida !!!!Jay
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