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Hello everyone,In previous conversations, I have noticed a need for members to further express their individual personality and charismatic character with fellow IBSers. Currently, there is no place for people with IBS to connect, without charge and with modern communication options accessible (ex. with pictures, music and videos). As such, I created a very simple and free myspace profile (link below, affectionately titled Irresistible but Solitary) where hopefully, people may want to connect and make friends. I hope this profile will be a place where people suffering from IBS can share pictures, music and more, without hesitation while using the free services provided by myspace.If you already have a myspace account please add me and post a comment.1. This profile is set to private, so no one from the general public can have access.
2. As a result of #1, you will need your own personal profile in order to view this profile. (Links with directions are located at the end of this post).3. The Irresistible but Solitary link will be posted on the IBS forums (Young Adult's Issues and the Products, Services and Websites forums) for as long as the respective forums allows or if participation is very low at the end of 3 months, whichever comes first.4. The profile will not distinctly refer to IBS, but I hope it will benefit those that suffer from it.Thank you for your time and see you on myspace
. Okay here goes.......’t know about myspace. Please click below…….. (Privacy Policy)A must read of all users of myspace. Please click below. asked Questions (FAQ) can help you set up. Please use the link below…. Ready? Wanna join? Please use the link below to create your profile…
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