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Nausea, Heartburn, and D?

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Just curious as if anyone else gets nausea and heartburn along with their D? I usually get the nausea and heartburn in the evening and wind up with the D in the morning. Just wondering... as I know that's a part of IBS too.
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I don't get heartburn, but lately I seem to get nausea on a daily basis, usually after breakfast, sometimes after lunch, rarely after dinner...
I have D all day. Between 10-20 times. I do get nauseous during the day but not in the evenings. I rarely have heartburn. Thank God!
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as a 40 yr sufferer of IBS D I always get nausea with it, seems to improve as day wears on and by evening I feel much better. Just came out of a 3month break and it came back with a vengence last week. nothing seems to help,even upped calcium.any ideas??
Just before I started on the flavonoids I would get heartburn from my first bite of breakfast all day long. It normally manifested as a band of burning across my abdomen with occasional flares, depending upon what I would eat or drink. If it didn't calm down by bedtime I would awaken, fighting down nausea (reflux). The D was also at it's worst during that period of my life. That the same supplement has stopped all of this indicates a clear relationship.Mark
khanes72 I was just about to post the same question until I saw your post I get heartburn infact as I write I have had it all day
I tend to get it after drinking lemonade or a very sparkling wine
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It's good to know I don't have some rare disease! I had a BAD day yesterday... so I'm going to the doc again.
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