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I have IBS-D. In the past I only had the nausea when I had a full blown attack. I mean the kind with d, nausea, vomiting, fainting. These bad attacks don't happen very often as long as I don't pig out on something I shouldn't. However, lately if something upsets me even a little, I seem to get the nausea. There is no vomiting thank goodness. Would you have any idea why the nausea is becoming more predominant? Also,I have promethazine but hate to take it except at the worst times because of it's sedative effect. Any helpful suggestions?

I do not know why the nausea has increased, but you should run this past the doctor since it is a change in symptom presentation.One thing you might want to try for the nausea is Ginger capsules or Ginger tea. It is a pretty common herbal treatment for this that seems to have some effectiveness for a lot of peopleHere is The People's Pharmacy information on Ginger web page
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