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My IBS changes from C to D periodically. Lately I've noticed that my first BM is normal and then mush during other visits to the throne. This causes nausea and my desire for food lately has diminished. I do not have pain but the dr. ordered Bentyl for frequent movements. Have you all heard of this. Also what do you all take for the nausea? This IBS is making me nervous--I do take Xanax for the anxiety. I also just got over the flu (bronchitis and strep throat)--does this make a big difference although the symptoms I stated above were way before the illness.
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Bentyl is an antispasmodic commonly prescribed for IBS.Ginger tea or capsules are commonly used for nausea. Also there are a number of OTC motion sickness pills which could also help with nausea caused by other things.K------------------I have no financial, academic, or any other stake in any commercial product mentioned by me.[This message has been edited by kmottus (edited 01-25-2001).]
I have the exact same problem. I asked my GI Doc about it once and he said it was just another characteristic of IBS. Take care!
Yes, ginger tea is great for nausea. I take Pepto, but only if it is really bad as I don't want the Pepto to cause C. Also, if your D is watery you could be slightly dehydrated. Since getting IBS, I notice I am very sensitive to be dehydrated and I can feel nauseous from it even before I actually feel thirsty. Drinking diluted Gatorade makes me feel better when this is the case.
Thanks everyone,I tried some ginger capsules and it worked. This IBS is tough till you learn all the symptoms and remedies.
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