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Hi everyone, I'm new here and I just found out recently that I have IBS. When I think back, I've had the common symptoms of IBS for a long time, I was just never aware of it. Recently, I've been getting really nauseous to the point I can't get out of bed. I'm taking Donnatol now and I'm able to go to work/school. Has anyone else had constant nausea? And has anyone ever heard of having a panic attack because of your IBS symptoms? I would appreciate any feedback.Thanks!
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I am a newbie here also and have constant nausea, sometimes waking me up at night. I have been downing Mylanta like it was a shake with no results except sometimes. I would also like to hear if there are people out there that have constant nausea and what they are doing about it.
L: My most recent bad flare (I mean, besides the constant chronic IBS I have all the time) was back in OCtober 2000. All of a sudden, one day around 8:30 a.m., I felt nauseous. And it was like that every day until about February to March, when it finally tapered off. Now the nausea is gone, except for a few days here and there when my IBS is acting up esp. bad.I like to use nausea bands (also known as "sea bands")... I put them on according to directions and, lo and behold, about 25 minutes later, I realize my stomach feels better.Oh, and I forgot to add that YES YES YES I get anxiety and panic attacks from this. I'm totally emetophobic so when I feel nauseous I get super afraid that I'm going to throw up. It's tough when I have to go to school or work... because I just start panicking... "What if I get sick at school? What if I'm in traffic and I can't turn around? What if I'm so sick in the bathroom and no one knows I'm in there and then class ends and everyone leaves and my stuff is still in the classroom?" I mean, none of this stuff has happened to me, but I think about it!!Regards, Lilymaid
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I have had the constant Nausea ever since ive have ibs since me stomach bug last June - it was really bad and kept me in bed up untill november time but seems to be slowly getting better, still stops me going out too much, have tried a few things but nothing has been effective so far!
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I've had "chronic nausea" since I was about 11 or 12 (that's 10 years of it!) and I haven't found anything that really helps. My pediatrician had told me "You have chronic nausea. You are just going to have to learn to deal with it." So being so young, I figured I would just have to listen to him and live with it. IBS hasn't been a problem until the last year and a half or so, so before that, it's just been the nausea. I guess I just did what the doctor said and dealt with it. I got to the point where I knew I wasn't going to throw up, so I just told myself that, and have just been living feeling nauseous all the time. But ever since I've suffered from IBS symptoms, I have actually thrown up a couple of times, so now I have this huge fear that I am going to throw up every time I feel really nauseous. Every since the IBS appeared, the nausea has gotten worse to where I can't tell the difference between if I just have nausea or if I'm going to throw up. (I used to be able to tell that it was just nausea over the past several years.) When I'm at home, I deal with it and tell myself that it's ok because the bathroom is right down the hall and I'm in the privacy of my own home, but when I am in public, I get really anxious. I used to have panic attacks about every day I went to school. If I start to feel nauseous my mind starts saying, "Oh no, what happens if I'm going to throw up? Where am I gonna go? etc. etc etc." When I get stuck in a crowd of people or I feel I don't have a way out of somewhere, I start panicking because I fear throwing up in front of them. I went to a psychotherapist who didn't help much. She looked at me weird when I told her I have a fear of throwing up in public. So I stopped going to her after a couple of times. I also started taking 5mg of paxil which has helped me a lot with my IBS symptoms, and it seems as though I am back to knowing that I'm not going to really throw up, and it's just nausea. I don't have any answers to helping with nausea. So I guess this was just a big rant to say that I suffer from the same chronic nausea and panic attacks/anxiety.
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I get lots of nausea. It is a symptoms of IBS, although not a real common one. Nausea is VERY common with GERD, so if your nausea does not subside you may want to try being tested for that. I never could have believed I had GERD because I NEVER get heartburn, but I was so quesy and could barely eat that I had to get the test. Now that I take Prilosec the nausea episodes only occur after a few days of bad eating, but without it, I'd be sick everyday. Yes, I also have an anxiety disorder started by all my intestinal problems.Christine
HiI used zofran for my nausea....for along time I was told by my doctor that nausea wasnt associtated with IBS-D but I dont believe that..What worked for me was after I read about Food Intolerance and learned what my triggers was for IBS and CVS my symptoms got alot better...I havent had to take any zofran, phenegran or other medicine for 7 months now...I know that sick feeling makes you feel awful...Hope you find relief soon
The h pylori bacteria can cause constant nausesa, as well as mimic other symptoms of IBS. I got h pylori from eating some bad chicken in January and had non-stop nausea for days. Your dr can test you for it with a simple blood test. Now, it is possible to have both IBS and h. pylori--I had IBS before I got h. pylori--but sometimes h. pylori is misdiagnosed as IBS.Some links:
I've suffered with nausea for over 20 years. Was on compazine and phenergen but they just knocked me out. I discovered DRAMAMINE and what a life saver. I can start with 1/2 a tab that keeps the spasms down without drowsiness. If it gets worse I take the other half or just start with a whole tab which does make me drowsy buts knocks the nausea right out. I got allergy tested and shockingly discovered I was allergic to soy, peanut and cocoanut. Soy is in EVERYTHING. Once I eliminated these from my diet my nausea and IBS is greatly improved. DRAMAMINE and ALLERGY TESTING have been my greatest nausea helpers. And yes, panick attacks came because I never knew why I was sick and what it was. After all the testing I realized this is how my body responds to life and I really am ok - that helped the PAs alot. You're not alone out there. Keep trying things and searching for answers.
Just read your post and I too suffer from nausea. It can occur during the day or night and comes on suddenly. My doctor is positive that it is associated with IBS. Anyway, about 3 years ago I came down with vertigo. I was pregnant at the time and was told to take Meclizine. It is used to treat motion sickness and you can buy it over-the-counter. Although it didn't work for me while I had vertigo it does work for me now. Believe me I know exactly how you feel and it isn't good! Carrie P.S.- I also suffer from panic attacks and had to quit work to keep them under control.
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