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Need Caltrate Info

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Hi all!I just wanted to fine out what the reccomended dosage is from you all since the box says one to two tablets daily. I really think I coud stick to this I just need some first hand advice from some people who have tried it and what doage you are taking.Lots of love and thanks to all!--the baby of the board
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Yessee - sorry to be so discouraging but if you read my thread I just posted, I'm not doing too well right now. I WAS taking 3 of the Caltrate a day - did real great for about a month now. I hope it works for you.I'm hoping my bad time is only due to my period, which is almost, but not quite, over. (I was taking 4 during my period) Or, maybe because I drank out of town water, which usually does me in. But I'm having a bad day and feel kind of hopeless again.Boy, hows this for spoiling your hopes... maybe I shouldn't post this response. But, I guess I will post this anyway, just so you know what is happening, and you then can read the replies to my thread - then we both can learn more about the Caltrate...I really pray the Caltrate works for you. Good luck.
Still trying to work out my dosage but I think it is individule sounds like most people have had the best luck with 3 but should 2 work stick with it you can always play with the dosage ------------------�� wherever you go there you are
If you are having diarrhea pretty constant take 3 a day one with each meal. As your body gets use to it I have now cut donw to 2 a day or it I go out to eat I always take onw then. You should notice from the first day a difference. 3 tablets will do no harm and you may be amazied at how fast it works. Take the caltrate in the purple and white box.Linda Email me if I can help.LNAPE###AOL.COM
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