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Need Cedars-Sinai,PRIMARY CARE doctor in L.A.

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Hi, we're switching medical insurance and I have to pick a new primary care doctor. I'll be in a group with ALL Cedars-Sinai Hospital doctors. I've heard that many people on this board have tried the C-S cure for IBS. Since I'd need my primary care doctor to recommend me to a GI doctor that would be doing this cure, I need to pick the RIGHT primary care doctor. PLEASE recommend a Cedars-Sinai based primary care doctor that doesn't view IBS w/D as a 'psychological illness'. Since going off LOTRONEX in mid-Jan. my symptoms have lately returned and my energy level is back to what it used to be and I am no longer enjoying food, salads or fruit as everything seems to set me off again. It's very depressing. I'm also having renewed anxiety about going out to eat with friends. All stuff that disappeared after 3 weeks on Lotronex. HELP!
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Hi Oksana. I haven't heard of any board members who have a primary care doctor from Cedar sinai. They do have a physician referral #800-233-2771. You can also e-mail She works as public relations for Cedar sinai '"Bacterial Overgrowth & IBS. The number one gastro doctor that our members have seen is Dr. Mark Pimintal. Other gastro doctors are Stephan R. Targen, and Dr. Edward Feldman m.d. I hope this helps . Maybe some of the board members have more ino for you. Good luck.
Hi Lucia,Thanks for your info...I guess I should have been more clear. I'm in an HMO and my Provider Group is Cedars-Sinai Health Associates IPA... which is only available to Cedars' employees (my husband). Since it's an HMO, my covered hospital is Cedars, but as with ANY HMO one must get a primary care doctor that is not stingy with the referrals! Some of them (the D.O. that I have now) are wonderful, and other primary care doctors claim to do every procedure under the sun, and they're impossible to get a referral to a specialist from. So, I'd have to find a primary care doctor that is able to refer to Dr. Pimintal, as I cannot self-refer if I want it covered. Any ideas ANYONE?
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