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four the last two weeks i am getting round hard pebble stools,lunmpy stools,there really hurting my rear.i cannot understand why because i follow a regine before and i was fine but my ibs is getting worse,having incomplete bm,falseurges. i go every day and go threw this all moring untill i clean out.any help if any one gone threw this and help slove the problem would be grateful.this is whati cannot figure diet regimeone glass of water ,one teaspoon of miralax with glass of water, mangoes and branflakes, friut juice one cup, cup of cammilli tea. moring meallunch soup broth with veg, apple, and egg an hour later teaspoon of miralax with glass of water followed by another glass of water.afternoon kiwi fruit and some grapes, some more friut juice and glass of water.dinner soup broth with vegs and some mangoes then in the evening three glass of water with a teaspoon on miralax.i add olivi oil anf fish oil plus vitamins also am fit and excercies.if i eat any mre stuff i bet worst lumpy stolls and pellets, with this diet i should be getting diarria or soft stoolsbut i need help. should i add docuscate sodium, drop the miralax or it causing my hard stools.can you tell me if i need to just have soup broth.for two days how can friut and veg give you hard stools.thaks
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