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Hi there,
Thank you for reading this. I'm so grateful that there is such community where I can share my story and ask for help.

I'm 29 male 6'2'', My IBS-D started 6 years ago but at that time did not knew what it was. One day I felt abdominal cramps and had diarrhea. For the next 4 years I went to many doctors, gone through many tests, medications, home remedies. Eventually a doctor after testing every other possibility gave me a pamphlet about IBS. I started reading about IBS online and was very happy to learn that I was not alone.

For the next two years I read about other's experiences and went through trial and errors with everything in my life that can help me get back on track. Today I guess I am 75% cured.
There is one thing that I still have not figured out. It is extremely hard for me to gain weight. I am already 6'2'' and i have very fast metabolism even without IBS, gaining weight requires a lot of calories. I have figured out the foods that I can eat without problem and also the quantity of it. Now the problem is my stomach gets upset when I stuff myself with enough calories to gain weight which is around 4000+, My stomach acts normal up-till 3000. I have tried various combinations, small meals, nuts & seeds, probiotics, time interval between meals. Max I have reached is 3500 cal For 6 days. Beyond that I get stomach pain, loose stool, undigested food in stool for the next 3 - 4 days. I go to gym twice a week, do yoga and meditation daily. If there is one think I want in this world is to gain weight and ready to do anything but I'm stuck. I don't know anyone else with such experience and now ran out of possibilities that I can do to achieve it. ----PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!-----
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