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I have unbearable pain under my left rib cage, gas bloating, constipation/or diarria.That goes already for 8 month. went thru all kind of GI tests: CT Scan, MRA, nucklear radiology. All tests came out negative. I had to leave my work because of severe cramps. I wake up at night from pain, can not sleep on either side, only on the back. NOw my back start hurting.Doctors say I have IBS. I lost 25lbs. and feel really bad and can not understand how it happenned. I loved physical activities and always was very energetic. I am miserable now and don't know how I can live like that all the time. Wednesday I will start seeing a phsycologist. Who can reccomend me a Doc in NY City or Long Island area specializing in IBS? Thank you------------------Nela

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Nela, Sorry to hear about all of the pain you are in. I also have lost about 25lbs maybe even more. If all of your G.I. tests have come back normal then maybe you should go to a gynecologist and see of you might have endometriosis. I have it and I also have alot of back pain with it. It's possible you have that and the IBS. Is the pain constant or can you pinpoint it to a certain time of the month. Even with endo, I get pain sometimes all month long and the really bad back pain more towards the end of my period.Good luck. LOU026
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