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Need some answer

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Hi there is it the first time that l hae been on ths chat line. but what l am really looking for answers . So feel l have been will in about 10 monhts have alot of one side of my abdorimal. the Pain hurt alot anf it always there even if l wake up in the middle of the night. the Doctor has try all kinds of test and they still come up with IBS. I know that stress as alot to go with it and l know that l need to work on it because it is killing me in the inside and to me maybe talk a chnage in my life. maybe it would help but all l cam do is leavein Gods hands that were will be a pill that will work for methanks for listen
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Try to keep a food diary and if worse comes to worse don't eat anything for two or three days (make sure fasting is for you...check with your doctor ). Then gradually add certain foods back and see how you feel. Although I have a dairy intolerence I have found certain foods to cause me major constipation...especially breads and starches.
In Nov., I was so miserable I started researching IBS-C on the net and got a book that turned out to be mainly for IBS-D sufferers but one thing it did for me was get me off all the constipating fiber I was taking. For lots of C folks, fiber seems to be just a brick in the gut that won't move. I now have great luck with the following: "Soft" fibers like white & sweet potatoes, beets, cooked greens with olive oil, squash, quick or instant oatmeal, soft fruit without the peel, pineapple in any form with unfiltered raw honey on it, licorice tea, digest-tea, small amount of magnesium with each meal, flax oil gelules.Keep a food journal. Write down what you eat each day and what results you have the next day. Then start lists of what you are sure helps you, what you are sure is bad for you and a �not sure� list. You will gradually move things from the �not sure� list to one of the other lists. Eventually, you�ll have a long list of things that you can eat and you�ll know what messes you up.
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JuliaRose:Thank you so much for your helpful posting. I'm new here with a recent exacerbation of IBS-C which I have been managing alone most of my life. A recent start on Weight Watchers seems to be the change in my diet which has triggered this spell. I'm an experienced RN so thought I knew plenty. I am so grateful to you all who take the time to post your experiences and helpful comments - you cannot know how much support this is giving me at a very difficult time. Shift work is hell on this condition. Thank you again. Please keep posting for us newbies.
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