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Neurally mediated hypotension?

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Anyone have experience with Neurally mediated hypotension? I have great difficultly gaining weight (IBS-alternating d & c) and I suffer from some unexplained foot pain and severe fatigue. I've been tested by a neurologist (ouch) and my MD says it's a nutrional deficiency. It does improve when my weight goes up. I'm just looking around for anything that might help because I'm having to use a wheelchair more and more often. Thanks for any help.
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Hi badfoot:I'm not familiar with Neurally mediated hypotension. Can you explain a little bit what it is? Also, what type of nutritional deficiency do you have? Maybe some of us can put our heads together and come up with suggestions.JeanG
I thought I might (and still might) have this. It is very common in people with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is a type of low blood pressure and with the way mine has been bottoming out, I would be a likely candidate. But none of the Doc's have seen me when my blood pressure is super low, and it has to be diagnosed with a Tilt test. When I start feeling that way now, I drink a ton of water (in addition to the ton I already drink) and I start to feel better in about 15 minutes or so.
To JeanThanks for the interest. My MD who is a clinical nutrionist calls my foot pain a nutritional deficiency because it does improve when I gain weight. I don't have any specific deficiencies that he can find. The problem is getting enough calories down without turning into a constipated, bloated lump. I eat lots of small meals, turkey, avocado, vegetables, fibre, moderate amounts of mayo and oils (for calories) and drink a liquid supplement at night. I just can't get enough in to boost my weight. I'm 5'9" and 135 lbs, which makes me skinny, but not clinically malnourished. (I did have an IV at a lower weight) I have a good appetite. Within the last few years (i've had IBS 10 yrs) my feet have become sensitive to anything more than a short walk. It's weird, just what I need, another weird symptom. So I'm thinking of pursuing a tilt table test for neurally mediated hypotension. Anyway thanks for listening.
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Hi badfoot:Thanks for replying. That must be very difficult for you. Is the problem that you become very constipated when you eat the right amounts of food? I know HipJan has often talked about her problems with gaining weight. The last post I read she has just started to gain again, and is also working with a nutritionist. You might ask her what she is doing.If I run across any information, I'll post it for you.
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Yes, I've gained a small amount of weight (8 pounds) by eating all day long, practically -- but can't seem to gain any more right now! I can't relate to your exact problems, but I do know that as I started to gain weight, some of my v. worst symptoms started lessening. I also take quite a few nutritional supplements, since apparently I've been deficient in many important things.(I'm almost your height but many, many pounds, believe me, I know about being really thin and how it can make one's immune system go whacky.) It's interesting, isn't it? I feel so sorry that you have to use a wheelchair at times. I hope you learn more soon and are able to find some relief.... ------------------Cultivate gratitude. Believe in possibilities.
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