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Hi all! I just found this site and am really looking forward to reading up on IBS. I was diagnosed 4 years ago. This message will be a little gross so bear with me.When I first was diagnosed I had very very bad stomach cramps and went days without a bowel movement. I also have Hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease which I was diagnosed with last year. Well recently (I would say the last couple weeks) I have had very loose stool I go atleast 4 times to the bathroom. My stomach hurt and gurgles a bit then I am off to the bathroom. It isn't exactly diarrhea but is very loose and sorry to say sounds like diarrhea. I am not sure if this could be from the IBS or maybe something else. My thought was maybe now that I am on medication (PTU)for my thyroid my body is starting to adjust itself and maybe causing different symptoms of the IBS. For 4 years have been the constipated type but I have read with IBS it could go either way.If anyone can shed a little light on this subject I would really appreciate it.Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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Since you've been diagnosed with a thyroid illness, you might be interested in reading this.
Thanks. I think that is a little extreme. The way they describe it sounds a lot worse then what I have been experiencing. I appreciate the info a lot. My stool still has some "form" but is very loose not watery.Thanks again for the info!!
Another, There is a member here with Graves (just went into remission actually after a looooong struggle) and I will alert her to your thread here. Her user name is K-9Mom. I'm sure she can shed some light on something for ya here. She also runs a self-help group bulletin board for Thyroid problems and Graves.... let me get ya the url for that.. Hang in there, I'll send her your way.BQ
Thanks BQ for the heads up!Another, boy does your story sound eerily familiar to me! Diarrhea was my FIRST symptom of Graves disease. Thyroid hormones have a powerful impact on the GI system and if the thyroid levels are even a little bit off it can wreak havoc on our gut (and a multitude of other body systems).Let me ask you this....when were your last thyroid labs done and what were the results? What dose of PTU are you on and how often do you take it?I really encourage you to head over to the Graves/Thyroid support board and post over there too. Most of us over there have gotten an IBS diagnosis also, but we have found that our IBS either profoundly improves or disappears completely after our thyroid is regulated and working properly.Congrats on choosing anti-thyroid meds for treating your Graves....a very WISE choice! Anti-thyroid meds are the only treatment option that addresses the antibodies causing our disease. I took Tapazole (the other anti-thyroid medication) for 4 years and just got the news on Thursday that I am officially in don't give up hope!!The best thing I did for myself was to learn all I could about Graves. Unfortunately it appears that Graves is poorly understood in the medical profession. The more you know, the better chance you have of ensuring yourself some quality care from your healthcare professionals.One important thing....with hyperthyroidism it is important for you to AVOID iodine. This includes iodized salt, multivitamins with iodine, seafood and kelp (as in sushi). Iodine is the fuel the thyroid needs to make thyroid hormone...and with our disease we already have too much thyroid hormone.Also, calcium supplements helped me with the diarrhea until my thyroid levels stabilized. If I can help in any way, just drop me a line.
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Thanks very much! I had my labs done last month and they were tons better after only 1 month of PTU (I take 3 pills a day - 300mg). Here is what I had:This was last OctoberFree T3 - 16 (normal less then 6)Free T4 - 45 (normal less then 22)And TSH was done in January 03TSH - 0.01This was when I was IBSc. Very bad stomach pains and only had a BM a couple times a week if I was lucky.And in April:Free T3 - 9Free T4 - 26.1TSH - 0.05After being on PTU for less then a month.My IBSd symptoms started a couple weeks ago and it is not really full blown D. Just very soft.I have done nothing BUT research the Graves/Hyper thing since just before PTU. I was scheduled for radio-active iodine but couldn't do that to my body and couldn't figure out why they wanted to KILL my thyroid when it wasn't the issue.Anyway I look forward to hearing from you!!Take Care!
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