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I've been sick for a week. Never have had a flare up like this and I'm wondering if it is my IBS. I will be 49 Sunday and was diagnosed in my late teens with IBS. I have managed well since my 30's and actually put on weight that I was never able to, prior to then. I've managed to avoid foods for the last 20 years that would cause major issues. But then last week...

Wednesday I had a very strained bowel movement resulting in a larger (in diameter) than usual feces and a bit of pain upon passing. Toward the end of this movement, a smaller "fluffy" feces followed. There was a bit of mucous on the hard large stool and a speck of fresh red blood on it. No blood on toilet paper though. At the sight of this I panicked (lost my mom to stomach cancer 5 yrs ago) and began to immediatelty assume the very worst. My nerves and anxiety were messed up all morning and then began the diarrhea... and more fear. Lost my appetite completely... a lot has occurred since then.

I've basically consumed less than 24 oz. of water or gatorade a day since then. I've had less than 200 calories of baked chicken or banana or crackers per day. I've also had one watery/mucousy bowel movement each morning and a couple of little bits of solid stuff mixed in.

I know I'm dehydrated and I have a doc appt tomorrow morning, but can this really be just IBS? I'm so fearful of some horrible news and my nerves and anxiety are surely affecting my "want" to eat.

Any encouraging words?
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