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My Dr.s appointment was yesterday. He thinks that I have IBS-D. He wants me to have a colonoscopy to rule out anything else. Can some of you tell me exactly what to expect? He said that it is done in the hospital and is an outpatient procedure and that I would be knocked out. But do they put anything down your throat for breathing purposes? I can't stant to have anything in my throat I know if I wake up and it is still there I will freak out....have trouble at the dentist too. He put me on LEVSIN 125mg. I looked that up and it sounds like a pretty heavy duty drug with lots of cautionary advise. Have any of you been on it. (I take Inderal for mitral valve prolapse every day too). I have alot of admiration for all that have gone before me and wish you better days :love: :love:
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