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Just a short background: I've always been told since I was little that I always had stomach problems. I was the only child in elementary school who carried a bottle of Tums. 2 years ago I finally gave in and had surgery for my Hiatal Hernia that I had since I was born. After a terribly long recovery, I started dry-heaving daily and for hours at a time and when the dry-heaving ended the diarrhea began. My family doctor, kept taking blood and telling me I was fine. I went back to my surgeon and told her my symptoms and I was getting really concerned. She sent me for a HIDA Scan and EGD. I was rushed into surgery to remove my gallbladder and I was diagnosed with another Hiatal Hernia. I now have switched family doctors and had a check-up which she diagnosed me with IBS w/D. I am now taking Bentyl. My question, could the removal of the gallbladder cause the IBS? All the surgeries? The undiagnosis of the gallbladder? I'm just so uneasy about being told I will have to deal with this the rest of my life. At least with the Hiatal Hernia I knew I could get it fixed. There are no fixes for this!! Also, should I be seeing a Gastroenterologist instead of a family doctor for this?
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