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New, constant pain in sides

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Help! About 1.5 weeks ago I started having some side pains which I chalked up to ovulation. Well, I'm pretty sure I ovulated on Monday but the pains haven't gone away. My bm's are on the soft side but not always, and the pain stays the same before and after going. It's mostly in my left side but sometimes on my right, and I would describe it as a dull ache. It even keeps me up at night sometimes.. not that it's any worse but I'm laying there thinking about it! I called my gastro on Thursday, talked to the advice nurse and she was going to have the scheduler call me back to set up an appt. She never called so I called again Friday and left a message on the scheduler's voice mail. She still didn't call me back! Needless to say I'm not happy and will most likely put in a complaint to her boss on Monday! So, if I continue to be unsuccessful in making an appt with the gastro, I might just call my primary care doc because I know they will get me in the same day. I'm also kind of unsure if it's IBS related or reproductive system related. I just had a baby and had my 6 week postpartum pelvic/pap on Tuesday and he didn't mention anything about ovarian cysts. I have had pain in my left side off and on over the past year.. when I was about 18 weeks pregnant it got so bad I actually went to the ER and they did an ultrasound on my ovaries and found nothing. I also had an ultrasound before I got pregnant for the same kind of pain and nothing. UGH.Has anyone had this happen before??Thanks,Angie
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