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new doctor yahooooooo!!

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Hey i found a new gastro dr. who is a specilatist in ibs and just came back from a big seminar about it.finally got some help,he put me on a new antidrprsant called cymbaltra and after i got use to the awful side effects, i actually feel wonderful i laugh and smile and don't take as many naps and can actually eat and guess what i'm, hungry and want to never thought i'd say that againit is like effexor but with out raising my blood pressure.fell like doing things againi went to an endrocoligist and he told me i was an alcoholic and needed aa and that would solve all my problems.never went back new dr. just laughed at that and said i'm your dr. now and you will see results.heres to keeping our fingers crossed.laurie
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Wonderful news! I wish I could find a Dr. like that. Congratulations!
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