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Hi folks,Well I have had a considerable improvement recently and I wanted to share.As some of you know - I had been treated for Candida. This took longer than expected - thought was successful eventually. However I still had some symptoms that - bascially made no sense. One was that a part of my gut seemed to be on a different timing circuit than the rest - it acted almost like a bladder - it would fill for a couple of days and give me C - and then empty for a day in normal BM and sometimes slight D. The other less serious problem was intestinal gas - for know obvious reason -no particular food seemed to trigger it - it was just there.Well as it happens - I am currently doing an 8 week course in bodywork and manipulation. Through this work I had 2 different soft tissue release which have fixed my intestinal problems.The first was a release on the front of my spine. This was at the site of an old injury from a fall. When this release occured - the "different timing circuit" symptoms left and have not come back. My thinking is the the ANS supply to that secion of my gut must have been affected by the soft tissue restriction.The second was a release on the right-front side of my abdominal wall which I am told was in the lateral or medial umbilical fold. I don't know what caused this restriction. I do know when it released - I got massive intestinal gas for abuot an hour and all has been quite since. This was only yesterday so I'm hoping it lasts.Anyhow - I just thought that I should share this experience. I don'T pretend to understand it or explain it - frankly - I don't care why it happneed I'm jsut glad that it did. Also - I DO NOT for one second suggest that such soft tissue injuries are anything to do with IBS (my symptoms after clearing up the candida were not really IBS any more after all). I only wish to share this experience with you all in case it might be useful information to someone. I am now back to a practically normal diet and have the best bowel function I have had all my life ! So I'm a happy camper !Take care everyone !!Meck
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