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Hi, I'm just new to this forum so thought I'd say g'day .

I've had ibs d issues for as long as I can remember I'm now 28

I've never been able to work it out but this week I've decided I've had enough and need to fix it!

So Googled and found this page.

I have always thought there has been something majorly wrong with me but then thought there couldn't be anything too bad otherwise I wouldn't be still alive / feeling ok otherwise.

Anyway 10 mins on this page and I think I may have found my problem let me share.

Over eating!

I've always thought it was Pizza noodles... junk food .... but I think it might be more about the amount let me explain.

When I got say a pizza (small) I would generally just eat the entire thing call it a "blow out night!" the next day I'd be suffering diarrhea bad! (every day is generally mushy anyway)

What has changed my thoughts on this is Light and easy when I met my partner I packed on the weight got up to 100kg! Crazy weight for me, then I went on to light and easy and got back down to 78kg the smallest I've been in my 20's Now I've been on light and easy on and off for a while never got bigger than 85kg since (current weight) last time I was on light and easy I was happy with my poop just how it should be almost proud (sounds weird but when its painfull mush...) , then I got off light and easy it and started eating my own stuff and at first still had ok poop but now its just horrible again.

Light and easy starts again this Monday and I'm going to stick to it try and drop 5-7 kg and fix my poop.

I'm now convinced overeating (I hope) is my problem

I've tried extra fiber with no results

When it kicks in I get the pain followed by a LOT of urgent mushy stool. I think for me even overeating a little bit is the problem its like my body has a tolerance to junk then goes you know what I give up.

I have recently found out my dad has become gluten intolerant but I don't think this has hit me as Light and easy meals contain glutin

Thanks for reading my post and thanks for letting my join
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