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new girl on the block

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I would love to talk to anyone that has IBS..whether they are coping with it or not. I thought I was the only one suffering with is such a relief to know that I am not the only one. I have found that any food that contains wheat makes the problem worse. Is that unusual?
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Sooz, welcome, it's great to see another person from the southern hemisphere! A lot of ibs patients find they're intolerant to wheat products. You may need to look at doing an exclusion diet through a dietician. What are your symptoms? I'm just looking into the kinds of fibre in my diet at the mo, and which ones my body doesn't like. I've recently been on antibiotics which helped with the gas a lot. My diarrhea has been worse, but I know it's due to stress. What do you find helps?
Hi Flowergirl,I have found that avoiding wheat helps alot. I would give anything to have a piece of toast in the morning or a whopping big sandwich for lunch, but I know the effects those things have on me, so I live on rice cakes (another word for cardboard), salads, the occasional egg, roast dinners cooked in an oven bag (my stomach hates anything that is cooked in oil) and no gravy (I miss the gravy), certain fruits (not citrus).Even after being careful with what I eat, I sometimes get the bloating and the diarreah anyway, but I put that down to stress. Stress definatley has an effect.
Flowergirl..I forgot to add my symptoms..I get pain in the abdo area.sometimes in my stomach but generally all over. I get bloating like you wouldn't believe(or maybe you would). And wind. In the morning when I am waking up, I can hear gurgling and noises coming from my stomach. I sometimes get nausea as well. Sometimes I get diarreah, sometimes I don't. What about you, what are your symptoms?
Hey Sooz
Good to hear from you again. How's the Xmas shopping going?? My symptoms are diarrhea (although at the mo it's settled slightly) and a really rumbly tummy. I don't get too much pain anymore, the wind tends to get stuck down further (after making it's way noisely there)! And then it gets stuck and makes all kinds of noises...honestly, sometimes I think I could be my own symphony orchestra!!
I've recently been on antibiotics for the smell that I seemed to get after a trip to Germany (I'm wondering if it was linked to the beer which I took a fancy too).It helped heaps, although now it's harder to pass..dammit! Have made an appointment with a diet nurse for after Xmas, and she seems quite positive(don't they all) that we can try an elimination diet or different types of fibre, e.g:soluble or insoluble. Do you guys have rye bread over there? Then you can still have your toast!
How are you coping? I find the noise and rumbling really irritating and embarrassing, it's been a really hard year for me as stress has really made me worse and I really miss my old life. I'd love to go out and do the things I wanna do without worrying so much and feeling uncomfortable. I have a date coming up that I had instigated that I'm nervous about (the first guy I've been keen on for ages) and I don't like explaining myself on the first date or so, maybe I should take him to the symphony orchestra, hee hee! Have you tried councelling? That helped me a lot, and loads of exercise to create those good endorphins. Hope you have a good Xmas...even without the gravy
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Hi girls,
Just reading your post, I have had the bad smelly gas for most of my long life. Nothing helps. I am hearing more about antibiotics helping get rid of smell. flowergirl what anitbiotic did you use and for how long and how long did it help ???As for rye bread, I think all breads probably have some wheat in them. Everything that goes in my mouth gives me gas. but starches and sugars are among the worst offenders
Anyway just wanted to let you know you are not alone having to live with gas.
Have agood day.
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Joycein, Sorry, I can't remember the antibiotics I took, but they were ones specifically designed for the bowel. Alas, the gas is back with a vengeance after 3 weeks (seems the standard time compared to others on the board). This strongly suggests to me that the smell IS caused by bad bacteria in the lower intestine, which over take by certain foods or candida. I'm trying to stay positive that the diet nurse is going to help. I've an appointment for accupuncture coming up in a week or so too. I'll keep you posted. If this doesn't help, I don't know what I'll do...
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