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Hi there.I'm remo and I'm an.... Oh, wrong forum.
I am a 57 year old male, who for most of my life has had what I can only describe as severe IBS-C. I was told (after some disgusting exams at the age of 14 which I don't care to remember) they thought I had Hirschsprungs (sp?) disease, but the GI I am seeing now says that's not likely. In brief, about 10 years ago my IBS-C turned into IBS-D. My GP at that time diagnosed me with Depression and Anxiety disorder. He's been giving me Donnatal for the IBS but it really has not helped so at the insistance of Mrs remo I was referred to a GI and I'm going in for my first colonoscopy next week.So, what is everyone's favorite flavor for Halflytely?
(See my post in the G-I related diagnostics test forum)remo
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