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Hi, My name is Ame, and My Dr thinks that I *might* have I.B.S. When I go out I have to eat very little..and even after I have eatin just a little bit I still have to go to the bathroom..and some times I have to go three times before I get back home!! It's getting to the point where I don't want to go out and eat any more because of it....specially if you go into a restaurants bathroom and it's only made for one person at a time!! You know how that goes..someone comes along that has to go and u end up not getting done with what you were doing cause u have to hurry then!! Here at home I don't worry about it because I am around a bathroom all the time...but boy one day I ate something (can't remember what it was) and the next day I was in and out of the bathroom from early morning till late in the least until five. When my husband and I go out on a long trip and he stops at McDonalds to get an egg McMuffin, I can't eat mine, cause I either have to go in the middle of eating it or right afterwards..and the thing is it hits you when it wants to!!!! Sometimes I'm not near a bathroom and I am in trouble cause I can't hold it!!! Some times it may be diarrhea, but that's not often with me!! There has been times where I am cramping up and I go to the bathroom feeling like I have to go and I end up straining, and then hardly anything happens!!Does it sound to you all like I have this IBS? And what do you all think about what I have just shared?Thanks,Ame
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