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Hi! I'm new here, but have been lurking for the last week or so. I have/had IBS-C. I was wondering if others here were misdiagnosed with other stuff before finding out they had IBS?Here is my story...4 years ago, I got a very sudden pain in my lower right abdomen. It happened while at work. It was a horrible stabbing type pain. Then it became more of a crampy pain, that came and went: first thing upon waking up, before going to the washroom, after eating...I'm sure you all know the drill. That lasted for 4 days before I went to Emerg. (I don't normally go to the dr. or hospital unless I'm 'dying'). While at the ER, I was subjected to all kinds of tests: blood, urine, gyne/pelvic exam, ultrasound and trans-vag u/s. You can imagine my embarrassment because I was on my period, as well, at the time.
After all those tests, the doc said I had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. To my mind, I hadn't done anything to 'deserve' PID. (I.e. didn't engage in risky/promiscuous behaviour) I was given doxycycline and a shot of ceftriaxone. The pills gave me every side-effect on the list. I felt worse, not better. They made me have d, headaches, you name it, I had it. And the shot? Let's say I couldn't sit on that cheek for 3 days! I was sent back to my usual gyne for follow up. She told me that I didn't have PID, but didn't want to rule out the appendix. So more u/s were done. Those came out negative. Then I was sent to a specialist who told me there was nothing wrong and basically, "What the hell are you doing here?" How nice.
I finally went to my GP. (The only reason I didn't go to him first was because I couldn't get ahold of him and was totally desperate in pain). He sent me for GI Series X-ray, as well as the barium enema. He told me he was testing for Crohn's and/or UC. Those came out negative and he told me what I had was IBS. I was given at first Dicetel and Metamucil, which worked for a little while then stopped. Then was Levsin, the best stuff on earth! Sadly that got discontinued. :/ Then I was on Buscopan...but in and around that time, I went on my dad's "low cholesterol, low fat" diet. My symptoms were gone! No more pain! (Hence my name, "KickedIBS")I was wondering if anyone else here was told they had something different, and what your experience with that was. For me, I felt like ####. I was embarrassed to think I had PID...and then the not knowing and pain for nearly A YEAR before figuring out it was IBS. Such frustration, anger and upset! My folks were sad for me to see me in pain all the time. I look forward to reading your replies. Honestly, as I read a whole bunch of posts here, my heart goes out to everyone. Tears have fallen reading your posts. I hope everyone finds something that works for them and rids them of their symptoms.
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