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Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I'm really in need of some help an advice - my doctors don't know what to do.

I was diagnosed with a chronic anal fissure in September of this year. It has been hell, I have been in more pain than I ever thought I could handle. I'm having a lateral internal sphincteronomy in march that will hopefully heal me for good, but I have had to manage the pain on my own until then. As a result I've had to take morphine as needed for the pain...which helped. But then I began getting stomach pain FROM the morphine, so I stopped taking it and relied on tylenol. I did experience some withdrawal (nausea, sweating, aching) but the stomach pain has not gone away. It is a constant ache and burn from my chest down to my lower abdomen. It NEVER goes away, seems slightly improved for about ten minutes after eating then is worse than ever. What's weird is that bowel movements seem to INCREASE my level of pain rather than reduce it, as it used to.

So, my first issue is this stomach pain - I can't deal with this on top of the fissure. I am seeing a psychotherapist because I am at this point, after 6 months, in more pain than ever and suicidal. Does anyone have any advice on this? Is this simply iversensitivity of my gut due to the morphine withdrawal? Can I expect it to pass with time? It has been a week since I stopped the morphine.

My second issue is as follows:
Part of helping fissures heal is managing bowel movements - unfortunately I have had quite bad ibs (mostly abdominal pain) for about 8 years. This complicates things - fibre sends my abdominal pain through the roof, and I can't seem to get a soft but solid, one or two bowel movements every day. I have several small loose bowel movements throughout the day, and never feel like I've gone completely. I know fibre would ideally help, but I have never found one that doesn't upset me further. My GI has suggested normacol, but I'm scared to even try - anybody had a good experience with this?

I am currently trying 5 mg of amitryptiline every night, along with miralax to avoid constipation...

I'm so confused, my system feels like it has been completely destroyed. Please, any advice would so so be appreciated.

Oh and just a note - my system has proven to be incredibly sensitive. I was taking an extremely low dose of morphine, and i have taken 1/4 an Imodium for diarrhea that backs me up for two days.

Thanks again,

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