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Hello Everyone, I'm new here and from The Netherlands, 22 years old.

Its a really really long story but I'll cut it down a bit since not everything has to do with IBS. Plus it's not 100% sure I have IBS either but the docter doesn't really want to do more tests. There hasn't even been taken a stool test.

Quite emberassing to talk about your stools but oh well, perhaps someone can help me.

Anyway, End of july I ended sick at home with a burnout and slowly started eating less and developped severe health anxiety (mainly because I also had a heartsurgery when I was 16 and this was a very traumatic experience). LOTS of things happened including a break up. I puked alot and started to have mushy stools every morning I wake up. The moment I wake up I have to run to the bathroom. I never had that before all the stress. Things have calmed down now a bit and I started to live with my uncle because my mom couldnt handle it anymore. Yet I still have a mushy stool with some undigested seeds and food in it. I'm really worried my food goes through my body too fast and doesn't absorb the right nutrients and vitamins anymore (health anxiety playing up again perhaps but I am really worried about that).

I do not puke anymore (not that it was intentional, it was purely from emotions and stress), but my body is fatiqued from everything. I also have a Hiatal Hernia and take Pantoprazole 40mg (20mg atm) for it every day since 2 years. Now I read everywhere you shouldnt even be taking a PPI for such a long term but the internal docter has no intention to get me off it. I lost alot of weight in those four months aswell. But that's also from the not eating/ not hungry/ puking. I went from 53kg to 46kg
. But I gained a little weight again. Im around 48kg now. Slowly trying to build up eating more food and I drink Nutricia Juice drink as an extra everyday.

I had various of blood tests and evrything came out 'perfect'. A 24hr urine tests is in the lab now but I dont really suspect anything comming out. In january I will have a breathing test for h. pylori (please let it come back negative; I don't want to take those antobiotics for that).

What should I do? Is that mushy stool and fast bowel movement really worrisome or not? And should I ask the docter to run some other tests? I kind of need to prepare for that since I went to do the docter so many times they don't believe me anymore ofcourse (because of the health anxiety).
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