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hello everyone! I'm so glad to have found this board
I've had IBS ever since being on the pill. I stoppped taking it earlier this year and I had some improvement in the headaches I used to get but the IBS remained. My symptoms were mainly gas and reflux, although to an extent I did have alternating C & D. We decided to start a family a few months ago and I fell pregnant straight away - the baby is due March 26. In the first trimester, I had really bad reflux, but that's mainly subsided now. Since about 15 wks into the pregnancy,I've had bad stomach/ ab spasms in the night. As it's just in the night (tends to be from about 4am until I get up), the dr said that it was my IBS rather than braxton hicks. I also had bad constipation, despite not taking iron. I was prescribed lactulose which made things worse, and I then moved on to fibergel (it's a liquid fiber). That helped quite considerably, until I had to take antibiotics for a chest infection, which made my stomach really rough. Since then, the spasms in the night have been really bad, and I'm getting really down because of feeling so tired. Problem is, when I feel down, I eat stuff I shouldn't, which bloats me up, makes me feel guilty and just makes the whole cycle worse.I read Pablodog's post, and it sounded as though she was having similar problems. Anyone had any luck with sorting this sort of thing? I live in the UK, and the drs over here are much more reluctant to presribe drugs during pregnancy than in the US, so I've got to do something about my lifestyle. Any suggestions?Sorry this has been so whingey for a first post and TIA for your help.
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