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New to the board. I have had a correct dx of ibsc for about 5 years now. I'm going through a very bad time right now (about 6 weeks now). I'd list the syptoms but I sure you allready know them all...Went to my GI last week. She put me on Zelnorm 6mg 3X a day, miralax 2X a day and Citrucel. I went today for the first time without the Miralax! Yeah!!!! My concern is that because my stomach is so upset I can't eat much and am losing an average of 3.8lbs. a week. Is losing weight normal when you start the IBS "Diet" from or have a bad attack? I see my GI again on the 28th but was wondering what you all think in the mean time.Thanks for being here.Love to all,Jamie
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